At Sentireal, we create eXtended Reality training experiences, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that provide "personal immersive learning."
Our Story

Sentireal was founded in 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We specialise in the creation of software applications using cutting edge immersive technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). We have witnessed a huge rise in the use of immersive technology, at both enterprise and consumer level, and we continue to capitalise on this growth. Our company has grown steadily with strategic hires to our development team that allows us to cover the entire spectrum of our clients requirements, be that immersive applications, web development, mobile app development and both 2D and 3D content..

Our Experience

Since inception in 2013, we have gained expertise and experience in the production of software applications which provide immersive learning experiences. We remain up to date with the rapidly changing technologies, which allow us to refine and enhance our applications. We witness how users become immersed in their virtual environments, and the engaging delivery leads to increased retention levels. Learning experiences are accessible to a wider audience, and the content is scalable to include many new environments and scenarios.

Our Clients

We are passionate about our Company and strive to deliver excellence to our customers. We work in partnership with new and existing clients, providing applications to meet their needs. We operate in medical, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, education and tourism markets. Our clients represent those from both the private and public sector on a local, national and international level, many of whom return to us for enhanced immersive training packages to provide enhanced, remote learning experiences to their staff.



Augmented Reality, the realistic integration of digital information into our real-world environment, is central to our training and guidance. It creates an engaging and interactive digital experience overlaid onto real-world objects, where learners 'learn by doing', rather than by merely watching.

Augmented Reality benefits learners in a variety of our application areas, including medicine/healthcare, manufacturing, construction and hospitality.



Additionally, Sentireal's training platforms incorporate Virtual Reality, which users view using VR headsets. This cutting-edge technology allows the user to become totally immersed and engaged in the learning experience.

VR provides accessible risk-free learning situations, with the opportunity to try and retry without fear of failure. It also allows learners to put themselves in different virtual environments, freeing them from learning only at dedicated training centres.



Our Artificial Intelligence technology allows the training content to be continuously adapted to reflect the needs of each individual learner. It also allows for continuous background assessment of learners as they participate in training. The progress of each learner is visualised so that authorised trainers or mentors can quickly see how different learners are progressing against a course curriculum or industry standard.

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Discover more about previous projects we have created for our clients

Sara McCracken, CEO, Angel Eyes NI.

‘Working with Sentireal on this project has been great. They are experts in what they do and are innovative in their approach. Sentireal were able to take our vision of being able to incorporate eye functions with variable levels and develop it into a wonderful prototype that we have been able to demonstrate to parents of visually impaired children and other professionals involved in their support. The potential impact a solution like this could have for all those supporting sight loss in children is immense, especially for those who have no prior knowledge of visual impairments and the impact this can have.’




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