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Work in Partnership

We view ourselves as partners with our customers in the entire process of fulfilling their training needs, whether it involves the creation of bespoke immersive training software or choosing from Sentireal Solutions.

We offer advice and assistance at every stage in planning, creating, implementing and supporting software products to fulfil customer requirements. This is facilitated by an initial Project Definition Phase.


Our software and media solutions, powered by immersonal provide enhanced learning outcomes by presentation of content using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

This media content is created based on the learners current activities and real-world situation, and allows for personalised delivery of content, based on individual training needs.

Using artificial intelligence, our software platform offers the opportunity for assessment and feedback on individual learners.

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We have developed a range of industry solutions that can be used as the basis for your company’s immersive training packages. Our ready-made solutions, used as a basis for your company’s immersive training application, supplies the training straight into the hands of your staff quickly and efficiently. Bespoke customisation can be carried out to adapt the solution to meet the specific details of your business. For example, our Health & Safety solution can be adapted to building sites, warehouses, kitchens, in fact any environment.

Contact our team to explore how our customers save time and money by using Sentireal.

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Our Project Definition consultancy forms part of our normal process when working with our customers on either Bespoke development or Sentireal Solutions. It is also used to help potential customers understand and define future requirements, and to explore the limits of what might be possible without entering into a full development project. Sentireal’s experts will work with you to turn your immersive dream into a concrete development plan with a full costing. The cost of a Project Definition will be credited against the full project if a customer proceeds within an agreed time period. By engaging in our Project Definition service, customers eliminate the risk of projects not meeting their requirements.

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