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Echoes of the Causeway - Mobile App

The project involved the creation of a software platform to host both a mobile application and a web application to capture and analyse visitor numbers to the Causeway Coast and Glens. Over 1 million visitors flock to The Giants Causeway each year, drawn by the unique landscape and legends of the area. Our Echoes of the Causeway app targets this captive audience and beyond, enhancing and enriching their visitor experience, taking them on a journey which involves the spectacular Antrim Coast Road- area of outstanding natural beauty, and it will also allow them to visit less well- known areas in land, such as Kingsfort or Lagnapeaste.

An interactive map showcases the whole area - 8 main areas of interest are available as pins for visitors to select, providing stories, animations, audio and photos of Sea Gods, Shipwrecks, and Sidhe Folk. The app highlights the Sights, Sounds and Secrets of each of the 8 areas via the stunning content which brings the history of the area to life, allowing the visitor to become immersed in stories and legends of the past, with characters such as Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the sea god Mananan, or the children of Lir.

Additionally, the app features information regarding ‘what’s there, what’s near, and getting there’ to provide visitors with information at their fingertips.

The application was created for Android using Android Studio with Java and for iOS using xCode and Swift. The application required more complex interactions than could be created using React, so the app was created in Native separately.

Functionality included:

• Custom UI design

• Six interactive gamified screens

• Media player

• Custom analytics

• Location tracking using geofences

The project involved working closely with the client throughout to ensure that the app met their requirements. Their input, along with regular meetings and updates throughout, was key to the success of the project.

Echoes of the Causeway is available to download for free from this link:

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