Sentireal® envisages a future in which technology beneficially extends how we perceive and interact with our world and with each other. Our senses will be enhanced or, where impaired, compensated for to maximize our quality of life.



Sentireal® is devoted to improving lives using augmented and virtual reality technologies that adapt to the needs of individuals. We view ourselves as partners with our customers in the creation of augmented and virtual reality software applications. We aim to create ground-breaking solutions of unparalleled quality from the raw materials of intellect, passion, software and hardware, whilst treating our suppliers, competitors and the wider industry with integrity and respect.


Sentireal® was founded by its Principal, Dr David Trainor in December 2013 and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. The company brings together R&D expertise in the fields of augmented/virtual reality, audio and video processing, digital communications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data security and System-on-Chip to create innovative educational technologies.


Dr David Trainor, Founder and Principal

David is a renowned expert in system design, signal processing, digital communications and mathematics. He has over 20 years of research and product development experience in System-on-Chip, data security systems and multimedia signal processing gained from organizations such as Queens University of Belfast, Amphion Semiconductor, Latens Systems (a member of the Pace group), APTX and Cambridge Silicon Radio. David holds three patents in the field of audio processing and is active in several international engineering bodies, including the European Connected Health Alliance, Immersive Learning Research Network, Audio Engineering Society, IET and IEEE.


Sentireal® is proud to belong to the following partnership programs and industry groups.

The VR/AR Association

VRARA website

European Connected Health Alliance

ECHA website

Northern Ireland Connected Health Innovation Centre

NI-CHIC website

Immersive Learning Research Network

ILRN website